Smart City

A smart city brings together technology, government and society to enable a smart economy, smart mobility, a smart environment, smart people, smart living and smart governance. Netstratum takes advantage of the cutting edge technology- Internet of Things (IoT) to make Smart cities a lot smarter.

Smart city IoT improves quality of life in a city by intelligently delivering essential services through the Internet of Things. Smart cities start with a smart public infrastructure by delivering clean water, dependable power, gas and smart public lighting.
Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste Management

Netstratum introduced a smart system for management of waste in big cities effectively without having to monitor the parts 24×7 manually. The problem of unorganized and non-systematic waste collection is solved by using an embedded IoT system which will monitor each dumpster individually for the amount of waste deposited. The solution combines unique ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste real-time with a sophisticated software.


● Track Bin Location
● Track Fill Level
● Automatically optimized routes
● Smart Analytics
● Smart Waste App

Smart Street Light Management

An IoT based smart street light management system is a cost effective, efficient, practical, eco-friendly and the safest way to save energy. Netstratum team worked towards providing a cost effective efficient Smart Street Light Management system using IoT Technology. This smart system very efficiently eliminates the problems of saving of energy with lower investment.

The key benefits are:

  • Huge reduction of energy and maintenance cost.
  • Increased public safety from improved lighting.
  • Safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards.
  • Measurable environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption
Smart Street Light Management
Smart Traffic Control System
  • Smart Traffic Control System

    Netstratum team developed Smart Traffic Control System relying on Internet of things technology for converting urban areas into smart cities. Managing traffic signal timing is one if the key thing in the urban areas. Managing to time on the road will decrease the waiting time of the drivers on the road, and that will help to reduce the fuel consumption. Smart Transportation System improves Vehicle to vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure communication for improving road facilities rather than increasing road capacities or developing new roads.
  • Connected smart boards which can display directions, deviation, traffic information, emergency vehicle approaching information.
  • Smart traffic signals at junctions automatically detect vehicles count and act
  • Smart parking spots
  • Smart Air Quality Analysis System

    Air pollution comes as an inevitable by-product of cities. Continued exposure to environments with poor air quality is a major public health concern in developed and developing countries. The proposed system can be laid out in large numbers in the monitoring area to form a sensor network. The system integrates various air pollution sensors that detect the levels of CO2, NO2, SO2, O3, CO, PM1, PM10, PM2.5, etc., The IoT device will collect and transmit data at a specified interval of time and will generate warnings when the population levels exceed the threshold value. This Smart Air Quality Analysis System takes into consideration modern-day pollution like Noise Pollution and Light Pollution as well. Noise maps with the magnitude of noise pollution are drawn out by integrating acoustic sensors to the system and is checked with the legally defined norms. IoT helps in remotely adjusting the brightness levels depending on the need for light, thus reducing the level of light pollution by minimizing unnecessary light, with additional benefits like reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption.
    In case of fire or smoke, when the density of smoke exceeds a predetermined threshold, Netstratum’s Smoke Detection System will send information to the back end management platform and activate related devices such as alarm bells. The platform will then automatically send the information to the corresponding departments and alert the right personnel by voice messages or SMS.
Smart Air Quality Analysis System
Smart Energy Meter

Smart Energy Meter

Smart metering is one of the first steps to develop city-wide smart grid systems that help address challenges surrounding energy consumption and water usage. By providing real-time data on electricity, water and gas usage, smart meters allow utility providers to optimize energy distribution while also empowering consumers to make smarter decisions about their energy usage. Netstratum’s IoT solutions for smart metering, can help improve customer service and the bottom line through actionable insights developed from meter data.

● Detect leaks
● Smart bills
● Reliable and fault tolerant data collection.
● Advanced, customizable data visualizations.
● Reduce energy theft.
● Alarm widgets to instantly notify users and / or operators about any critical events.

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