Netstratum IoT platform, is purpose-built IoT platform built from the ground-up to provide the following key benefits:

  • Visibility into real-time customer experience by combining network performance with customer information

  • Insight into actual and expected performance and key metrics using real-time analytics

  • Action in the form of automated responses to error conditions to resolve problems before they become visible to the customer.

Netstratum IoT platform enables application developers or organizations to combine the intelligence derived from high-volume events with the breadth of customer information held across the organisation to build a holistic picture experience, providing visibility into that experience, insight into customer behaviour and the ability to respond automatically to problems or opportunities in real-time.

Netstratum IoT platform harnesses a number of technologies to provide a platform upon which operators can deploy multiple, personalised customer experience initiatives. With Netstratum IoT platform, organizations will have the following benefits:

  • Integrate Systems and Applications though adapters.

  • Continuously monitor and analyse information, SLAs and KPIs in real-time.

  • Allows aggregation and filtering high-volume, real-time events generated by customers

  • Allows enrichment of events with reference data

  • Allows correlating events with alarms and customer interactions across multiple systems in multiple silos (e.g., packaged apps, transactional systems, business process management systems, workflow engines, databases) to provide the full customer context

  • Analyses trends and patterns to discern the critical interactions

  • Provides rules to recognise exceptions and opportunities allowing to generate Alarms/Alerts

  • Allows immediate reaction when failures are detected, allowing to prioritize the corrective actions

  • Responds to opportunities in real time while the opportunity is still relevant to the Business

  • Feeds back relevant information targeted to different users/groups of the organisation.

  • Allow descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Provision, monitor and control IoT entities in secure way using rich server-side APIs.

  • Transform and normalize device data.

  • Get maximum scalability and fault-tolerance with new microservices architecture.


Netstratum IoT platform enables organizations to avoid and minimize the potential negative effect on field by supplying the required visibility and insight into business operations, in a timely manner coupled with the ability to take proactive corrective action. Netstratum IoT platform provides interfaces to a wide range of process and event-centric sources including packaged applications, web services, messaging middleware and databases. The power of Netstratum IoT platform comes from its ability to improve the assessment and handling of events in a more efficient and intelligent way, and in real-time.

To do this requires high-performance Analytics engine that can take events from multiple sources, take alarms, measurements and warnings; perform the required filtering, correlation, aggregation, enrichment, pattern analysis and predictions; automate real-time responses to the organization, providing end-to-end visibility in rich role-based dashboards for groups across the business for the planning and execution of events, guidelines and root cause indications, diagnostic and rules pattern recognition definitions, analysis and improvement based on the data, reason codes handling, etc.

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