Agro Tech

Netstratum’s AgroTech, an IoT Farming System is designed as an intelligent and innovative tool for the development of the agricultural industry. The platform enables the governing bodies to form a strong bonding with each other. This also avoid middle men and thus generate more profit for farmers. It helps stakeholders to avoid unscientific way of farming. Blockchain technology is used for project coordination, dramatically simplifying processes while increasing the quality and quantity of agricultural projects. IoT Farming enables unified model for project management. It also simplifies financing process of the project at all stages. With the help of latest technologies including Internet of Things AgroTech will create a reliable and stable basis for investment in the agro industry.

Data collected by IoT sensors installed in the farm is the core of Agro Tech. The IoT devices installed in the farm collects and processes the data repetitively and predicts possible challenges, changes in weather etc. which enables the farmers to be ready to face the situation.

Agro Tech follows a cycle like this one:

1. Sensors record observational data from the crops, livestock, soil, or atmosphere.
2.  The sensor values are fed to a cloud-hosted Netstratum IoT platform with predefined decision rules and models that ascertain the condition of the examined object and identify any deficiencies or needs.
3. After issues are revealed, the user, and/or machine learning-driven components of the Netstratum IoT platform determine whether location-specific treatment is necessary and if so, what.
4. After end-user evaluation and action, the cycle repeats from the beginning.

Agro Tech


  • Central database for agriculture
  • Data Analytics
  • Supply chain tracking
  • Farm-to-Plate transparency
  • Quality control
  • Price regulation
  • Risks mitigation
  • Process and Project standardization
  • Scientific farming
  • Forecasting

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