Netstratum provides an advanced library management solution-an elibrary BookRoom to help in tracking and managing activities of a library in an easy and foolproof manner. BookRoom is a scalable and flexible solution which can fit into any form of administration and is fit for all types of libraries whether small or big. It is a customizable software as per requirement. BookRoom is built on top of highly scalable, highly redundant cloud platform

User Management

Registration of users

Login and password recovery

Assign roles and permissions

Secure access to resources according to user profiles and privileges matching policies

Activation, deactivation and cancellation of membership

Rules and Regulations

Search Advanced book search Search resources with respect to Title, Author, Title & Author, Subject, Subject header etc., In case of Journals with respect to month and year also. Search resources to see whether it is available or lost or under circulation Brain’O’Brain Intelligent search with keyword to dig inside ebooks or articles to list resources

Reporting & Analytics

Member List and activity Report

Resource List based on Authors, categories, subjects etc.

Books under circulation List

New Arrivals

Circulation history

Status of requested books Report

Notification Report

Drag and Drop Report

Notifications (SMSs, Emails) Notifications through SMSs or Email Book due notification Late return fee notification Payment received notification New book availability notification Custom Notification

Auto Scheduled Tasks – eMails, Maintenance etc.




Circulation Management

Issue of resources Return of resources Renewal of resources Loss of resources Recovery of resources

Asset Management Manage any type of resource your library provides, whether it be physical, virtual or electronic Track equipment or any other assets belonging to the library Schedule asset maintenance

Fee & Fine Management Membership fee Payment of fines – General and Loss CD-Xerox-E Mail & Internet charges Miscellaneous Charges

Download & Print

Download resources in pdf as per membership type and permissions

Print resources as per membership type and permissions


Intelligent dashboard with graphical report of recent activities

Drag and Drop Reporting

Acquisition Management

Vendor Management

Manage and track every type of resource – physical, virtual or electronic

Stock Verification and ordering

Catalog Management Registration of resources and cataloging Resource Classification Catalog updation

Multimedia Resource Management

Register, Manage and track educational CDs, videos and other multimedia resources

Reservation Management Reservation of resources based on availability

NOC Certificate Request Clearance – getting nil arrears certificates

Barcode Scanning Multi location access Self Check-in / Check-Out Payment Gateway API Integration


  • User friendly design
  • Hghly secure and reliable
  • Highly Customizable
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY out of the box
  • Built by Industry leaders in product developments
  • Exposed APIs for easy integration
  • Cloud based solution – Deploy anywhere
  • Kindle format ready


Mobile Application

Highly visual and easy-to-navigate app with quick links and smart access to ebooks and online content. The responsively-designed user interface offers access on any device at any time.

  • Category Listing
  • Sync bookmarks and libraries across Android and iOS devices
  • Personalized font size, margin, contrast
  • Search
  • Dictionary

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