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July 2, 2020by netstratum

‘How to make this world a better place for living’ – Is this a soul-searching question that haunts you forever? You might consider joining a team with problem-solvers that builds amazing products. Competent products can solve complex problems in order to make the world a better place. The life without products such as WhatsApp, Uber or PayPal could be unimaginable in the present world.

How to join such product development companies which work on high-impact products? This is not difficult as it sounds. You need proper preparation, communication and skill sets to work in such teams. Majority of product development teams are looking for individuals with diverse skill sets, flexible enough to stay along every phase of the product life cycle.

If you want to start your journey in product development teams, these five ideas will prepare you on getting there.

  • Do your research, horn your skills

Try searching for opportunities suited for your experience, understand the skill sets required for that role. Take time to learn the value of your role in product development life cycle, knowledge required and career growth opportunities. Talk to people who are working in the same team to gather insights. It’s also important to understand the phase of the product, revenue models and long term plans of the company. 

  • Find someone in network

Use your close network to identify your potential contact in product development companies. You can use LinkedIn if you can’t find an appropriate person on the immediate network. Talk to them about your ambitions and experience. Find the gaps in your skill sets for the role you are interested in applying. Understand the company culture and changes you need to make for that role. Enquire about the level of involvement and learning opportunities that come with that role. A matured product has a well-formed team compared to a start-up which goes through various exploratory phases.

  • Write and publish you are passionate

Discussion channels and blogs are the best space to understand the advancements happening in specific fields. These channels are followed by the majority of product developers and founders. As these channels are very specific, publish your ideas and expertise to gain maximum exposure. Communication skill is a key requirement  for the majority of the team leaders, hence they would be glad to have such a person in their team.

  • Part-time assistance

The best proof is to deliver and delight the product heads with your contribution. Offer part-time assistance in projects, thus the team can make informed decisions to accommodate you within their team. This will allow you to understand the team culture and decide according to your experience during the association. Part-time assistance allows you to sharpen your skills and knowledge in the product development life-cycle, so a transition is always easy whenever you want.


  • Build something

You can build or enhance the functionality of a component that could be part of many products. A quick ‘check-out’ functionality or advanced ‘GPS tracking code’ can be part of multiple projects. Understand the needs of the current market and build such components accordingly. A product development team will immediately recognize your value, and will also be grateful for solving their problem. This will ease your recruitment cycle to get placed on that team. 

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