BlogHow a product development company sailed smooth through epidemics and natural disasters

May 18, 2020by netstratum

While every company is busy implementing business continuity plans to face the pandemic, Netstratum Technologies have had implemented critical procedures to operate through adversities for a decade now.

Netstratum is known globally for the rapid product development in telecom, IoT and agriculture verticals. The current capacities to integrate AI, big data and analytics are helping mid and enterprise-level companies to achieve digital transformation. But a lesser known fact is the company’s operational success and on-time delivery during adversities including pandemics and natural disasters.

Guess what, the pandemic outbreak could have badly affected the global operations at multiple times. Netstratum regional offices function in three locations, in which some cities had to go through critical measures due to reported cases of Nipah, H1N1, SARS, MERS and recently Covid-19. Added to this are the consequences of two severe floods and seasonal storms. While safety of workers were paramount, the daily operations and timely delivery to clients were functioning normal during these troubled times.

Netstratum’s business continuity plan

The core areas of product development, business operations and human resources are built on technology based infrastructure. Following are our three infrastructure pillars which are system-dependent and office-independent.

1. Product Development Infrastructure

Netstratum has multiple product development teams which work on various verticals. Majority of teams use cloud platforms for seamless development, integrations and delivery. The cloud-based platform is built on hybrid infrastructure to utilize the capacities of local data servers along with public infrastructure. The company maintains its own data centers at different parts of the globe to ensure development activities are never affected by local or geographical factors.

2.Business Operations Infrastructure

Netstratum global business operations runs on cloud-based PBX, messaging and video conferencing systems developed by in-house teams. The company has full control over these technologies, hence delegation of resources and switching operations to the preferred locations can happen in a few minutes. Majority of the customers and vendors are boarded to this infrastructure for seamless communication. The sales, accounts and support teams follow an in-house business working style with less dependency on travels and direct meetings.

3.Human resource Infrastructure

Team of developers, testers and support personnels use in-house cloud-PBX and video conferencing systems for day to day communications. Every team has daily fixed-time interactions, while casual interactions are encouraged anytime through designated channels. The HR team utilizes cloud-based systems for every stage of recruitment. The hardware and software necessary for the tasks are provided during the employee boarding process.The near-office accommodations are arranged by the HR team according to the employee’s preference.

Key points to achieve business continuity in product development companies

  1. Embrace cloud based platforms for product development. Team leaders should ensure the works are critically reviewed and backed upon on online mediums.

  2. Provide essential hardware and access for employees based on their roles. Encourage employees to work from home even under normal circumstances. This helps them to adapt to the culture of remote working.

  3. Pandemic allowances can be provided for the employees to set up home offices. The power backup and connectivity should be of top priority.

  4. Encourage near-office accommodations. This helps employees to avoid dependency on public transport and maintain social distancing.

  5. Provide health insurance to employees and their dependents. This boosts confidence levels to face the situation at ease.

  6. Ensure your company and product is adequately insured. Early stage companies should register as startups to avail the benefits of tax exemption and regulatory concessions.

  7. Include health workers / counsellors in your HR team. Your team member might need expert help to cope up with the trauma caused by an unfortunate event.

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