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December 9, 2020by netstratum

Netstratum develops software applications for multiple verticals including telecom, finance, agriculture and transportation. Each product goes through five core teams with experts from AI / ML, IoT, Analytics, Advanced Architecture and UI / UX team. 

Netstratum was a pioneer in developing tracking systems for freight networks. In 1997, the logistics and supply chain had a breakthrough with the application developed by Netstratum which tracked air, ocean, rail and road through a single application. In this journey of more than a decade, our product development team has evolved with experts from multiple fields and emerging technologies. 

Based on a product, our key expert team is involved at various stages of application development. Each of this team includes experts of various capabilities and works in collaboration with other teams.

The five core expert teams are listed below.

AI/ML Team

Manual interventions are minimized in new-age applications.Thus every product has the scope to include AI / ML components which can automate processes, reduce effort and save resources. The AI / ML team at Netstratum evaluates the objective of the product, and proposes the architecture to achieve the desired results. The team’s input is crucial to evaluate the process of existing applications, to improve the efficiency and outcomes.

IoT Team

Netstratum’s IoT team has completed projects which involve real time screening and recording of multiple data points. The team integrates data from the hardware components to facilitate the data collection, analysis and decision making. The  IoT applications developed at Netstratum allows the users to interact through multiple interfaces, make predictions and secure operations for multiple businesses. The IoT team also guides the clients to evaluate the hardware components, and integrate with their existing systems.

Analytics Team

Starting from the design phase,the analytics team is involved in the product development to offer valuable insights to all stakeholders. This team is capable of handling big data, design dashboards and integrate with multiple systems to synchronize data channels. Based on the requirements, this team develops custom report engines for the clients to gain meaningful insights from the data. The analytical team also offers independent consultancy to design, develop and execute a data analytics plan for companies of all sizes. 

Software Architecture Team

The architecture team of Netstratum comprises expert developers who make high-level choices of product development. They have extensive experience to come up with state of the art tech solutions for enterprises and small-medium companies. In fact, they make the final call on tools and technologies best-suited for your business scenario. The architecture team extensively collaborates with other teams and ensures that technical standards are followed throughout the development. At Netstratum, the software architecture team could be the central team which ensures the overall product engineering outcomes. 

UI / UX Team

Netstratum’s  UI / UX team includes designers and developers with immense experience on user-centric applications. They closely work with a testing team to evaluate the design level effectiveness at every stage of the development. The customer experience is recorded through user level feedback, and necessary modifications are made for positive user experience. The UI / UX developers at Netstraum always ensure that the application interface and interactions are convenient for all types of potential users. 

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Netstratum has extensive experience in building applications in the areas of telecom, finance, agriculture and transportation. Contact us to know our offerings in product development.

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