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August 20, 2020by netstratum

Third-party communication systems are not built exclusively to meet your business objectives, thus companies have to custom build certain components to integrate with existing business systems. In the years to come, the success of any business depends on the communication systems that seamlessly connect multiple stakeholders including employees, departments and customers.

Call Center Component development companies such as Netstratum have vast experience in developing video conferencing solutions, contact centers, business phone applications, fax systems, sms gateways and billing engines. Due to the evolution of the market, multiple features are integrated into these systems to enhance the user experience and performance.


Most requested features to include in communication systems.

Due to the high dependence on remote work, companies have to integrate certain business processes into their communication channels. Previously these processes happened on-premise or through standalone systems. Broadcast studios have to be decentralized, conferences happen through the internet and tradeshows are now fully digital.

We have listed the six most common feature requests from companies to integrate with their communication systems. Some of the features are developed from scratch while others are achieved through integration of multiple systems.


Broadcasting integrations

Major broadcasters have decentralised their operations and works from multiple sites including home. While remote locations are connected through multiple communication systems, these could be integrated into the broadcasting tool through various custom-made components. Thus their broadcast can directly take footage from video conferencing systems, telephones, social media channels and sms.


Sales and Support

The decline of face-face sales meetings negatively impacted sales closing rates. CRMs and ERPs have taken various strategies to minimise this effect by implementing video based sales and support. Previously, the majority of CRMs were equipped to make audio calls and chats, but now the preference is to integrating video conferencing systems.

Support teams have the options to add or escalate the issues using videoconferencing system without disconnecting the call, also to play hold-videos while the user awaits to connect with the delegated agent.


Events and Conferences

Trade shows, conferences, general meetings, product launches have completely adapted to online channels. To stay unique, companies prefer to design their own systems which can integrate with common streaming platforms. The outline features of competing trade shows would not be the same, and differ in many aspects than previous ones. Even then, the success depends on the ability of such systems to integrate with popular online channels which have a wider acceptance.


Live streaming

Omni-channel video streaming  which can plug directly to multiple systems and social media is the common feature request from companies. Any activity which targets 50+ participants outside of your company is challenging even on online platforms. Thus major companies prefer a custom made solution which they have full control to meet their long term objectives. These systems could be embedded in online platforms with minimal coding, also accessible through major browsers and social media platforms.


Training and online classes

Education sector utilizes video conferencing solutions at various levels. The format of a webinar, conference, daily classes, recorded sessions and training are unique to an organization. Thus a single tool to cater all such activities might create redundancy and loss of interest among participants. The custom developed application also reduces the risk of dependency on third party tools, otherwise your business growth is limited to the efficiency of the external system.


Call center and business phone systems

Call center systems have shifted to cloud-based contact center systems from the traditional hardwire and location based systems. The lockdowns and restrictions imposed at various parts of the world forced the workforce to be adaptive, and operate from their home. The cloud-based system could work on average internet speed using a computer, or through mobile applications. The business phone system also gives similar flexibility to small and medium businesses. In SaaS model systems, the cost could be further reduced as there are options to control the licenses based on requirements.

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