Product Development

Talented pool of engineers and designers at Netstratum handles every stage of product development from concept to release. Customised products, advance architecture models and data analytic tools are developed using expert level competitive tools. The various teams working on product development includes ERLANG, WebRTC, VoIP, Automation, UI and UX. In depth technical experience allows us to manage the whole process and deliver on- time business solution, which is high on quality and realistic on costs.


Technology Standards

Stringent technology standard is the root factor that provide Netstratum an edge over others in the ultra competitive technology market. Our project management procedures ensures detailed analysis of the project scope and requirements, developing the best techniques to attain their targeted requirements, which results in optimal and effective solution. We can define high-performance architecture at any scale and develop a customised solution for our client.


Recruitment Services

Netstratum supply excellent talents in technology to reputed business organisations. A team of well-experienced recruiting and technical specialists screen, evaluate and assess the candidates based on their aptitude, further polish their skills to match the requirements and enroll them to the client company. With high proficient search and selection techniques, you can be assured we will meet your staffing needs quickly and efficiently.